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Digital Banking Report
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Launched in early 1995, Online Banking Report (OBR) was the first publication in the field and quickly became a leading resource for banks and technology companies worldwide. Since inception, it’s been written and published by founder Jim Bruene, a former banker who’s become a leading voice in the industry. The publication continues to be an important source of unbiased guidance for financial services product managers, marketers, and C-level executives looking to improve their online products and services.

OBR subscribers have instant access to an online library of nearly 100 reports covering essential subjects such as epayments, security, pricing, online lending, account aggregation, business planning, and so on. Browse our research to see a complete list of reports.

New reports are published every six to eight weeks. Each is printed, bound, and sent to subscribers via first-class or airmail. Subscribers may also read new reports online or download them for printing (PDF format).

Most reports are 30 to 40 pages in length, organized in an easy-to-digest format with strategic advice, tactical recommendations, examples, and supporting statistics. To sample Online Banking Report, please take a moment now to register as a guest. Immediately after submitting your information, you’ll have access to several articles culled from our extensive archives.

Following is a partial list of subjects covered in previous issues of Online Banking Report (all are included in the online archives):
  • Electronic payments: Bill payment and presentment (EBPP); electronic funds transfers including interbank transfers (A2A, me2me); credit/debit cards; prepaid cards; gift checks; preauthorized electronic debits (ACH); electronic checks; PayPal, BidPay, and other third-party system integration; email payments (P2P); automated payment technologies; payment dashboard; international payments; virtual bill manager using account aggregation technology; messaging and alerts; premium features and benefits; website and service usability; authentication and fraud prevention; email integration; electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP); payments calendar; send-a-buck viral marketing; budgeting; interbank connectivity; usage sweepstakes and ongoing rewards.

  • Online lending: One-click lending; mortgage originations, refinances, home equity secured loans/lines, auto, and other Web-based loan applications; interactive loan application forms; preapproved credit offers and acceptance; revolving credit and credit cards; overdraft protection; loan application status functions; online loan servicing; virtual credit manager using account aggregation technology; messaging and alerts; premium (VIP) features; customized (1to1) products; blank-check auto lending; lending microsites; bill-pay credit lines; line increase programs; real-time balance transfers; credit report and fraud monitoring; CRA friendly activities; website usability and trust; privacy policy and visible reassurances; open source lending; business case and profitability; sub-prime lending and referrals; e-statements; payment calculators and amortization schedules; credit insurance; rate alerts.

  • Transaction accounts: Electronic statements; checking accounts; credit and debit accounts; prepaid cards; virtual transaction accounts; electronic checkbook; download functions; online transaction archives; check images; online statements; Internet-optimized accounts; messaging and alerts; premium features; website usability and trust; real-time deposit options; remote paper check scanning; authentication and fraud prevention; PC direct-to-desktop services; custom toolbars and browser plugins; account-to-account (interbank) transfers; electronic payment integration; long-term archives; year-end statements on digital media.

  • Online banking product design: Account aggregation technology; activation and usage; marketing and promotion; pricing; planning; business case; e-service; security and password management; customization and personalization; messaging and alerts; premium service offerings (Gold, Platinum); online banking and payments interactive dashboard; website usability and trust; branded browser and desktop extensions; integration with Quicken, Microsoft Money, and other software programs; read-only access; browser plug-ins and toolbars.

  • Customer service: Consumer preferences; self-service; call deflection; email deflection; messaging and alerts; queue management; service levels and guarantees; turnaround time; response management; everyday essentials such as time and temperature; problem escalation; small and microbusiness needs; personal e-bankers; customization and personalization; password resets; premium (VIP) service offerings; website ease-of-use; customer feedback mechanisms; live chat and IM options; toll-free support integration.

  • Security: Managing security perceptions; security education and website features; password structure and reset procedures; third-party endorsements and links; messaging and alerts; guarantees and procedures; suspicious activity reporting; monitoring the Web for fraud; domain name defense; fraudulent account access and keystroke logging; premium security options; premium security options; virtual account deadbolts and lock-down option; two-factor authentication; token-based access; virtual PIN pads; phishing and spoofed Websites; IP geolocation techniques and opportunities; anti-virus, spyware removers, and other software protection programs; enlisting the support of end users to fight fraud.

  • Investment and deposit accounts: Savings accounts, time deposits (CDs), foreign currency, bonds, money market accounts, sweep accounts, mutual funds, and other investment accounts; conservative and value investment vehicles; messaging and alerts; website usability; asset allocation; portfolio management; company news and alerts; indexed mutual funds and deposit vehicles; inflation adjusted products; “coffee house” investors; life-cycle investing; brokerage services.

  • Sales and marketing: Email marketing; online product applications and forms; branding; calculators and worksheets; website usability and effectiveness; CRM; pricing options; premium service bundles; cross-selling; local community services; live chat and IM sales support; marketing-oriented email newsletters and alert services; search engine keyword marketing; search engine optimization; landing pages; direct marketing integration; sweeps and other traffic-building promotions; banner and rich-media advertising; site sponsorships; affiliate marketing; Web-based public relations; branch-based programs and visibility; lead development and capture; send-a-buck viral marketing; generating positive word-of-mouth and referrals; protecting against negative word-of-mouth; portal myths; kiosk and remote terminals; non-financial content such as local news, events, and weather.

  • Small- and micro-business accounts: Accounts receivable and billing management; accounts payable and payments management; integration with Quicken/QuickBooks and other software programs; customer service; security and privacy; messaging and alerts; account management; commercial lending; virtual business banker; accounting services; virtual CFO/Bookkeeper; expense report management; value-added fee-based services; website effectiveness; wealth management and investments; sweep and other business oriented accounts; payroll and other employee payments and reimbursements; tax payments; merchant services; alternative capital options and resources; credit and D&B report access.

  • Fee-based services: Online money orders; credit reports; credit bureau and fraud monitoring; guaranteed payments; expedited and trackable services (FedEx); real-time transfers; foreign exchange; long-term image and transaction archives; premium service offerings; accounting and financial management services; small- and micro-business services; insurance and risk reduction products; virtual safe deposit and other backup services.

  • Best of Web winners: Several times each year a new online feature “raises the bar” and is designated an OBR Best of the Web; past winners include: E*Trade Bank, Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, Wells Fargo, Everbank, Lending Tree, IndyMac, First National Bank (South Africa), Barclays Bank (UK), Bank of Montreal, and more than 40 other companies.

  • Strategic and business planning: Annual planning guide with more than 500 ideas and tactics; industry statistics; research results; proprietary forecasts; consumer preferences; website traffic and trends; best online financial services sites.

  • Statistics and forecasts: Every report contains dozens of tables and supporting statistics; a total of nearly 1000 tables located in the online archives; 10-year proprietary forecast by product; online banking usage and penetration figures; market size estimates; website traffic.
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