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Adding Value in Electronic Payments (Part II)
Published: Mar. 15, 2002: OBR 81
Abstract: In part 2 we take a look at five potential epayments business models, highlighting our favorite: bill payment as a loan generation device. After reviewing average prices for bill payment today, we look at 14 epayment pricing strategies. Finally,...

Adding Value in Electronic Payments (Part I)
Published: Feb. 14, 2002: OBR 80
Abstract: If you'd like to develop a meaningful point of differentiation for your company, an area ripe for picking is electronic payments. In our view, few providers have developed a payment program geared towards genuine user needs. Using FedEx as a metaphor,...

2001 In Review
Published: Dec. 31, 2001: OBR 79
Abstract: A great year for online banking, overshadowed by world events Although the past 12 months will mostly be remembered for bad things, it was a great year for online banking. There were no radical new innovations during the past year, but some of the new...

The Numbers (part 2)
Published: Dec. 12, 2001: OBR 77/78
Abstract: Last month we updated our online banking forecast, noting the significant increase in usage during the past 18 months, where U.S. usage has grown approximately 50% to more than 20 million users (OBR 76, p. 5). This month we drill-down and look at specific...

Online Lending, version 4.0 (part 3)
Published: Jul. 13, 2001: OBR 73
Abstract: Originally, we had planned to conclude our look at online lending last month with the second installment. However, we found so many new innovative features at the top online mortgage lenders, we extended the report for one more month to bring you full...

Online Lending, version 4.0 (part 2)
Published: Jun. 11, 2001: OBR 72
Abstract: In Online Lending part 1 (OBR 66), we argued that banks should embrace what we called Open Lending, a strategy of guiding customers to their optimal source of credit, even if that means helping them secure a loan from another financial institution. This...

2002 Planning
Published: Jun. 5, 2001: OBR 74/75
Abstract: With the free-flow of capital shut off, it may seem like the pressure to innovate is off. We don't think so. Despite the severe downturn among consumer Internet sites and the closing of three prominent Net-only banks, WingspanBank, Security First Network...

Special Report: The Hidden Segment
Published: Apr. 26, 2001: OBR 70/71
Abstract: In this special report we'll help you analyze, justify, design, and launch an online service geared towards microbusinesses. This issue contains the executive summary of the special report, along with an analysis of two promising microbusiness solution...

Searching for Prospects
Published: Mar. 15, 2001: OBR 69
Abstract: By the time you read this, 2001 will be about 25% complete. Are you a quarter of the way to your annual goals? Presumably you sandbagged as much as possible, but you may still need a boost to get the year off to a promising start. This month we present...

After the Bubble
Published: Feb. 5, 2001: OBR 68
Abstract: Letís face it, whether you work in it, invest in it, or simply write about it, the Internet isnít nearly as fun as it was a year ago. But fun isnít what banking is all about, nor what customers are looking for. Itís time to stop dreaming of a quick run-up...

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